Can a Chromebook Trump a MacBook Air?

With Apple unveiling their latest line of MacBook Pros this fall, the laptop market is abuzz. However, the sticker-shock of an “entry-level” 13-inch MacBook Pro selling for $1,499 will undoubtedly have most laptop users seeking out more affordable alternatives. Stepping down to the MacBook Air model drops the price tag to a more modest $999 (the cheaper 11-inch model has been discontinued); but when compared to sub-$400 Chromebooks like the Acer Chromebook 15, the Dell Chromebook 11, or the Chromebook/Tablet hybrid Asus Chromebook Flip, is the MacBook Air worth the steep cost? For all but the most media-editing or gaming focused consumer, the answer is probably no. Let’s dive in to why a Chromebook trumps a MacBook Air. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of buying a Chromebook

Buying a Chromebook? Don’t buy until you’ve read these Pros and Cons.

Thinking of buying a Chromebook? Whether you want to replace a sluggish laptop or are searching for a more affordable system that can cater with your online activities, Chromebooks definitely can be good replacement and perfect value for your money. However, does it really have what it needs for a professional system? Is it as fit for a complicated technical assignment as for small online tasks? Continue reading

Chromebook Vs Windows 8.1 laptop: Which One to Choose?

Chromebook vs Windows 8.1

Chromebook vs Windows 8.1

The battle of which is the best between Windows and Chromebook is an old one and is probably going to stay for quite a long time. Whichever may be the best, one thing is for sure; Google’s Chromebook is definitely giving Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 computers a tough time. Continue reading

Google Chrome Beta 43 Highlights

Google finally unveiled Chrome OS Beta 43.0.2357.65 update. Don’t get scared of the huge name, it has got a simple and elegant pet name and that’s Chrome 43 Beta, or simply Beta 43.

Interestingly this new OS update has instantly garnered appreciation from even the hardest critics; they can no longer call Google Chrome a sluggish browser; not even on an Android or Linux device. Continue reading

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Chromebook Printing

You’ve got your classic printers and your Cloud Ready printers. Contrary to popular belief, Chromebook printing is possible with old printers that are not Cloud Ready… and, no, it’s not by plugging in your printer directly to the Chromebook as you may have already, undoubtedly, tried. But with the help of Google Cloud Print; it brings the best of the old and the new in one technological and manageable tandem. Read our step by step instructions below. Continue reading

Do You Need 2gb or 4gb of RAM On a Chromebook?

One of the things that spill out from the lips of a Chrombeook user is the amount of Chromebook RAM that the current devices ship with and whether the manufacturers should or should not add more to it than the default 2GB or 4GB RAM.

So, you want a Chromebook because you need something lighter than a laptop, faster than a netbook and something a lot more suited for writing than a tablet. Because, let’s face it, writing is awkward without a keyboard…  Continue reading

Reasons you love your Chromebook!

Reasons we love Chromebooks!

Reasons we love Chromebooks!

While the Chromebook community spoke about the features they desire but lack in their current Chromebooks, (with the occasional Mac user snide comment!) there are also reasons to celebrate being a Chromebook user, and, again, we thought of taking the opportunity to make this discussion into a small feature. So, what we’ve done, we looked at some of the replies that users have posted and tried to find what was hid behind the community’s reasons to love Chromebooks. So feel free to add to the original Google Plus page discussion, or leave us a comment in our comments section, on what it is that makes you love your Chromebook machine…

Continue reading